Life, Marriage, Sex Everything is a Fantasy.

I’m talking about India, just Indian people. The life, culture here is entirely different from all other (so called ‘honeymoon’) counties like France, UK, USA, Switzerland.. The time we entered earth with a given motto, and the motto gets a u turn and not so long, ‘marriage’ will top our priority list. And its so cool when we get a partner who suits each other. But, the real life is something else.

Let me put this way. 95% of the citizens in India are getting into marriage; which may be a love marriage or like the typical ‘Indian style’. Frankly speaking, these terms have nothing to do with this write up.

Say, we bought a bike or a car. We, people tend to care it like a newly born, wash it, cover it, use it with utmost care. In due course, 99% of people realize the truth and they start behaving ‘normal’; start driving without losing a gutter in the road, many scars in the body, no wash for a year. And we literate beings know that these cars are ‘NON LIVING THINGS’ and cannot hurt them.

Don’t just wonder why I’m going the wrong way; but this example is the core of this write up. Also, this article is the real life for many of us. Again, lets get into the life of somebody:

– they reach their early 20’s find a ‘mandatory’ job, and when they ‘reach age’, they willingly or forcefully drown to a marriage proposal. –  And everyone gets married. Start their life together. That’s the beginning of it.  “The Fantasy Life”.

Some Observations:

Children born after 90’s including me are very much in the hands of Internet, and yes PORN. Watching porn isn’t a crime for me, but it’s the one reason that makes life a fantasy and especially after marriage.

So, we just make our partner a sex toy rather a life companion. Just talking about the 90% of population. We hug them, punish them, use them.. my words maybe harsh but that’s what the offer is. or maybe each one expects in getting the pleasure of sex. And nobody is a culprit.

Moving on to the darkest and the real part. The life goes on and on, and then the state of ‘being busy’ arrives; with EGO’s and COMPLEX. Adding to the irony the ‘internal’ pressure of getting pregnant. or maybe he cannot be able to give sperms; The major cause of separation. Anything, maybe a skin disease can lead to separation. Physical beauty is more important for many.  For those, this is the end. For others, they are parents now. BOOM reality hits again. They forget to speak, even fear to touch each other, come-on, no child can be born without parents touching each other.

Talking less, a distant sleep (2 bed sleep). What actually this babies are causing to their parents? Born to create a gap between parents? SHIT!!! Slowly no hug, no kiss, no talk.

Thinks for a minute and tell me isn’t this the real world? Why cant we accept the fact that ‘she is not just another person but she is myself’? Understanding the positives and negatives of each others life, protecting each other. This is actual life. And with a new born nothing has changed. And children shall be grown up seeing their parents loving each other.

Just look at her, into her eyes, like we first saw her. the one smile she presented, which actually made our day. The simple secret which we all forget after we cross the gate of marriage. Stop pretending ourselves moving along with life and live our lives with the most beautiful, precious thing we will  ever get, a single time acquisition. As i said earlier, we just cannot treat them as our bike or cars we bought. The myth of having children is the duty of each man and women shall get substituted with the truth of everlasting love. If we love a person, we cannot just think a day without her. The concept of True Love is to be felt; the heavenly feeling.

I hold her hands when I see her struggle : I hug her when I feel her despair : I touch her hair, I kiss her cheeks and I hold her hands forever and ever. SHE, the only beautiful thing happened in my life. And we had sex, we are married and we are living our beautiful life.


PS: written on a mans viewpoint and some real incidents.

    pardon me if feelings are hurt.

Getting into Bodybuilding

I thought I will share my experience in the field of bodybuilding when i heard Phil Heath won Mr.Olympia 2017. Fair to say, very much disappointed, not because I’m a Phil hater or Rami fan, but because I love bodybuilding.

I was into bodybuilding when I was 10 years old. Just lifting weights I was very keen in building biceps and just biceps, the showcase.

But I joined gym in my early 20s and started training under a trainer in my local gym. Tirur, Kerala, India. But I was aware of the workouts, watching YouTube videos (courtesy: Scott Herman fitness, Mike Thurston, Buffdudes and yes many more)

One important thing I like to share is never ever train heavy if you aren’t comfortable. Never ever. And also never continue to train unless looking at your body. I mean look at your symmetry. Every day, Every week.

My trainer, 3 different men, told me to train without looking at yourself and they claim symmetry will come naturally. I should say, that’s the worst thing I have ever heard. No offense to anyone.

First study the body muscles. And understand each exercises. And lift not heavily, starting with concentrating 2 muscles in a day. Change workout induecourse. It takes time.

With a fit body, muscle body I believe everyone will feel the comfort. Well, I’m comfortable. Also RIP Rich Piana.

Life thoughts

Say “dont expect” ; but we do always

People say don’t expect anything from anyone. Often we ourselves experienced it. And we will find it very difficult to move on.

But have you thought about this? I did and I do. This cannot be changed. This process. We are actually forced to expect more from people. If the question is why?

We live life. We move on. And something happens, like an unfortunate meeting or an unexpected call; we cherish the moment. Everyone does. And we think about it again. It’s like a flow of water which cannot be stopped. And there it happens again.

So what should we do? Another simple answer. Engage, be busy. Always. Period.

Life thoughts

Self Care

What’s the best thing? Acknowledging everyone whenever we see them or being in our own? I asked this question myself a year ago and now I’m a self centered man; who walks away, who speaks out whenever I find it right.

Yes, noone can be a fan favorite for their entire life (not speaking of Sachin Tendulkar, Usain Bolt or Roger Federer) but the normal people like me. So, better move on without thinking what others can do rather always thinks what I should do now and future.

PS: Self Centered: not the meaning thinking of my own good. I used it in the sense taking care of myself. 🙂


Love, Sacrifice and Dreams

Love, Sacrifice and Dreams.. The reason I gave these three words as my title is because of the reason why I’m writing this article. In the end, you ll understand what it means for me and for you. 
From very younger age itself most of us might have felt the impact of the most beautiful feeling in the world. But a very little percentage of them possess the same feeling after years. So the concept starts from the word maturity. Maturity never come over ages, but it’s what differentiate us from others. Everyone needs to be independent. And this independence will be the final outcome of maturity. 

And now, what is love? As I said, the most beautiful feeling which should be felt by everyone atleast once in their life. It’s called caring, it’s the sense of knowing each other the concept of when to stay away and when to come close, a heavenly feeling.

Naturally the question arises. Am I the expert to talk about this? Not at all. But I felt the magical feeling of love, but it was over. A lost love. Better stop talking about it. 

What is real love? We have seen romantic films with happy endings, where every one will succeed in their love no matter what. But is that the case, every true love will have happy endings? Of course not is the answer. Recently I have read an article where true love is defined as”if a person can live the same life that they have enjoyed, cherished as a single being even after falling in love without making sacrifices that could be a definition for true love.”  Absolutely withholding the same let me give much more shape to the concept.

Yes, everything is subjective and varies accordingly to situations. But true love may not rebuild a person or his dreams. Adding one more heart doesn’t mean any headache or tensions. Everybody is born with a lot of passion and dreams and a true love cannot be a hedge in between this. 

Next aspect is marriage. Love leading to marriage life often leads to divorce  is quite common these days. Yes, married life will change both a man and woman, but why are they changing themselves? How can a marriage create a lot of problems, if so why the concept of marriage? 

The questions like these will make everyone tired of getting into love, but the real truth which lies underneath is the feeling produced because of true love. Whenever the feeling stops there start problems.

 True love won’t come in a second. It’s not the concept of ‘the love at first sight’.It takes time, needs patience, maturity and confidence. Its not the person we should love but their character because it’s the factor that will never change in the lifetime. It’s not the outside beauty but the inner soul we should get attracted into. It’s not the promises but the past we should have a faith on. 

Yes, true love as my title itself says will help us to chase our dreams and doesn’t force us to sacrifice ourselves for them. True love never dies.